Sparkle Frogs was created so that Mama KerrieLynn and her two daughters (Cassidy & Kaylee) could have a venue for their combined creative talents.  Sparkle Frogs  is a mish-mash of all things that we love - from stationery to paper planners (yes, they still exist), to makeup, to fashion to crafty bits and everything in between.  The blog is just like our life - kind of chaotic, but makes sense in a strange sort of way.....

KerrieLynn has been crafting since she was old enough to hold a crochet hook and sewing needle - over 40 years (gasp).  Most of her talent was inherited from her Grandma and Great-Grandma, but she has also managed to learn a few new tricks along the way and she is teaching her daughters all that she knows.....
Collector of books, crafting supplies, pens, stationery and paper planners - her office is her haven, but is often on the verge of becoming a hoarder's paradise (especially when she creates).  Her favorite organizing tool:  her paper planner.  Favorite planner brands include: Franklin Covey, Filofax and Day Timer.  As of right now she has moved from rings to elastics and has been using Pocket Sized (5.5" x 3.5") Traveler's Notebooks to do ALL of her planning.  Favorite Brands are Speckled Fawns, Chic Sparrow and one's she makes herself.

Cassidy is 21 going on 30....she is creative & dramatic (what teen girl isn't?) and loves to write as well as create new projects.  She is very detail orientated and loves to know all of the project steps needed before arriving at the finish project, as a result she is very meticulous, organized and thorough.   Cassidy is the "techie" girl in the family.....

Kaylee is 17 going on, well 17...she is extremely outgoing, vocal and not afraid of anything (except maybe the dark).  She always wants to help and has quite the entrepreneurial spirit - from lemonade stands to homemade bookmarks, if she can make it she will try to sell it!  Kaylee dives right in to whatever she is doing and if she doesn't know how to do something she will make it up along the way.  With the arrival of a Filofax Willow, Kaylee is on her way to becoming a "Planner Nerd" just like Mom.

Together we manage to balance each other out and Daddy adds a little testosterone to the mix.

Thank you for stopping by and we hope that you find something that will put a smile on your face (of course making a purchase will put a smile on our faces too).

Take Care & Come Back Often,
~KerrieLynn, Cassidy & Kaylee
The Sparkle Frogs

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