Sunday, July 2, 2017

OneBookJuly2017 - Hobonich Cousin Spring A5

Long time no post!

 I am still around, I just haven't felt the urge to blog and/or do videos, but the #OneBookJuly2017 drew me back and I decided to not only participate, but I decided to do a video to show how I am approaching this year's challenge.

 I tend to flip flop around on my planner vessels and sizes so it should be no surprise to anyone who knows me that I decided to revisit using the Hobonichi. I started the year off in rings, moved to a Traveler's Notebook and now have settled on the Hobonichi.

 I am going to try to do videos and blogs on a more regular basis as I do think I have something to contribute to this thing called "planning" as I have been a planner nerd for almost 30 years now (and oops, now I have just dated myself).

Hope you enjoy - please subscribe so you don't miss my future videos and leave me a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video.  I welcome comments and suggestions - however I have no patience for comments that are just negative or nasty - who has time for that anyway?  So I am sorry if you are a sour-puss (that is not a fun way to live), but since I prefer positive energy I will just delete any negative comments - it's my channel so it's my prerogative.

Thanks for stopping by and I'll be back soon!