Saturday, May 14, 2016

Organize Your Home - Free Weekly Schedule

You would think at my age (no, I'm not telling) that I would have a system in place for keeping my home organized & clean, but the opposite is true.  I have always just cleaned as I see a mess or I think it needs cleaning, which often results in "How did this house get to be such a mess" scenario.  

I have tried several programs, but most of what I found online seems to be geared towards stay at home Moms and the program is either too detailed or not detailed enough.  In an effort to try to organize my home along with my days, I resorted to creating my own weekly schedule.  

I designed this to print onto standard US full size paper (8.5" x 11") in landscape mode.  You can either print on one side and fold the paper in half and hole punch or print on both sides and cut in the middle, then hole punch for your planner.  If you are feeling really adventurous you can print several pages on both sides, staple or bind the middle and you have your own traveler's notebook style insert.  I plan on doing the later and tipping it into my Hobonich Cousin.  Everyone's printer settings are different so I can't direct you on what will work best for yours, but my printer seems to have the best results when I do the settings to print on standard size paper in landscape mode.

Here is the link to the free .pdf file: 
The image below shows what the printed result should look like when it is done.

This is free for personal use only, if you would like any modifications made (to the text only) send me an email and for a small charge I can probably help you out.  Send email inquiries to itsklslife{at}

Thank you and hope you enjoy!