Saturday, April 2, 2016

Life is Busy....

In my last post (as with almost all of my posts) I always have good intentions of posting on a regular basis, but life has a way of getting in my way.  So I'll just post when I can and call it good.  

I am still using a Classic Size Planner - the beginning of the year had me flip flopping where I tried a smaller size for about the millionth time.  Small = convenience, but not practical for a Mom of school schedules and keeper of our church calendars, etc. so back to Classic size I went.  I still like to binder hop, but the planner guts remain the same.  My system is not broken, I just get bored with the external cover.

Here is the link to the .pdf version:
One of these days I will do an updated video, but today is not the day, so for now you will have to make do with another free printable - this one for tracking eating and exercising habits - yep, the scale is climbing so I needed a way to track and rein in my eating habits. 

This one is designed for a classic size printer and it's free for personal use.  Just print single or double sided onto standard US size paper, cut in half and hole punch.  

Enjoy and I'll blog at you soon (said with the best intentions possible).  


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  1. I've been in a pocket size since the beginning of the year and combined it with my wallet. Yes, the size is challenging, but relieving my handbag (and shoulder!) of the weight of my compact planner plus wallet was worth it. The only downside is that I cannot planner hop to a larger sized planner as I will not be able to transfer the insides over or vice-versa. My goal is to have the entire year in one set of inserts, unlike last year where it's spread out between 3 bullet journals and two different sets of ringed inserts - UGH! Having to reference something would be a pain! Fortunately, I love using the pocket. The Malden is so soft. Feels so good holding it which draws me to use/work in it. I also keep it pretty simply set up, though I think your schedule is a little more hectic than mine, so I can see how a larger sized planner would be in order!


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