Friday, July 3, 2015

One Book July 2015 - Yes or No?

Greetings!  I realize that this post is about 3 days past when I should have gotten it completed, but sometimes life (and a heat wave) takes priority!  

So the question is - One Book July 2015, am I participating?  The answer is yes, I decided to participate this year.  I almost participated last year, but my husband had an unfortunate and pretty serious bicycle/car accident the first day of Summer.  He was the "bicycle" part of the accident - he suffered a broken hip, cuts, muscle tears and strains and developed a blood clot within days of the accident happening.  Needless to say my whole focus was on him, his various doctor appointments, hospital trips and his care so I didn't have the time, energy or inclination to participate.

The challenge as I understand it is pretty loose and relative to your own the strict sense it is One Book, One Pen for One Month, but the main premise seems to be to take what you are currently doing and make it relative to your own situation with the end goal of trying to determine what your planning needs are, what works and what doesn't.  
Since I have been a paper planner person for over 30 years and a journaler for even longer (since I was a little girl), I have a very good grasp of what works for me in regards to my system.  Yes, I can take my fairly simple system and put it into any vessel and make it work, but why would I want to try to change a system that I have fine tuned over the years that works?  Could I plan in a blank book?  Yes, I've done that.  Could I plan in a ring bound planner?  Yep, I've done that too.  Can I plan on loose pieces of paper?  Yep, been there, done that too!  I create my own inserts so they have been adapted to my needs and I do tweak them as needed to sync with the fluctuations of my life, but the basic planning remains the same.  The rule of "don't try to fix that which is not broken" comes to mind, but there are ideas of this challenge that appeal to me.  I realized that I carry far too much "junk" on a daily basis just "in case" I might need it.
What would happen if I needed something and it was not there?  Would the world come to a screeching halt?  Not likely!  Would I adapt and use whatever else I had available?  Probably.
So, I have accepted the challenge and modified it to suit what will actually challenge me.  

My One book Challenge
One Book:
I slimmed down my Fauxdori (traveler's notebook) to only the essential sections that I know after years of trial and error will work the best for me and took out those sections and bits that I consider to be fluff.  I now have one much slimmer five insert traveler's notebook or fauxdori or whatever the current PC term is for it.  The inserts are fairly specific and are: journal/spiritual study & reflection (replace when full), notes and grocery/miscellaneous shopping lists (I replace this insert when it's filled), monthly (whole year, I replace this insert at end of year), daily (at least two month's worth, replace with new daily pages as need), and one that houses contacts, finances, business, project lists & family member critical info like current medications, etc. (this insert doesn't get replaced unless the pages become too tattered).  I am thinking about combining the planning portion (monthly and daily) into one cover.  I also have a zip pocket add on, a few calendar/planning type of stickers and a few post it notes.  All books and inserts were custom made by me to suit my specific needs - some were printed and some just hand drawn/written.
One Pen:
I completely eliminated the traveling pencil pouch from my repertoire and I slimmed down my pens to just two (from the 9 or 10 that I had carried).
One Month:
I will give it the full try for 30 days and document what I learn along the way.
Right Now:
In just three days time I have learned that I don't LIKE the pen limit, but I can live with it for now, My bag (purse) is much lighter and I might even look into carrying a smaller bag.  The the act of slimming down my system has motivated me to slim down and declutter some other areas of my life.  I like watching everyone's OneBookJuly2015 videos and wish everyone luck, however please don't compare what I am doing with what you need to do.  We are all unique and individual and rather than try to fit into someone else's perception of a system, just be content with cheering them on and try to strive for a system that works for you.  As MaryAnn from PocketfullofVintage says (I've paraphrased a bit) "Your life, Your Planner, Your Journal, Your Way!"  That about sums it up!

OneBookJuly2015 Video
Maryanne at pocketfullofvintage (YouTube)
My Cover:  made myself using leather from Michael's Crafts (in the US)
My Inserts:  printed myself or cut down Moleskin and Picadilly booklets (both purchased at Barnes and Nobel in the US)
Zip Pocket/Green Sleeves:  Zip Pocket - made to fit into half sheet size (similar to A5) ring bound and Green sleeves are from Avery for ring bound planner.  I cut off the ring portion of each and taped them together with fabric tape covered with packing tape.
Pen Loops:  stick on from Staples.
Pens:  Frixion .7 Black and Bic Four Color
Thank you for stopping by,please leave me a comment if you have any questions or requests for future posts - I would love to hear from you!