Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Traveler's Notebook, Midori or Faux-dori - The Great Naming Debate!

The great debate going on within our planning groups seems to be whether or not a certain style of planning, journaling and their respective covers are trademarked or not....the discussions within our various Facebook Groups can be heated at times and also pretty funny.  Now, since I am not an Attorney, nor am I versed in Domestic or International Trademark Law, I am not going to offer my opinion - other than to say that reading other's comments/opinions is highly entertaining!

I am in the process of designing my own unique style of cover (at least I think it is unique) and once I get past the trial and error process and have a chance to test the product to see how it holds up, I will be marketing and selling them.  Trying to determine a name for my product has been challenging to say the least, given all of the debate currently going on.

So in the interest of keeping clear of potential trademark infringements - I hereby announce that my custom covers are going by the moniker of "Elastic Banded Notebook Cover" -along with each individual cover style having it's own unique name!  If you are in the business of making notebook covers, then please feel free to use the same term (Elastic Banded Notebook Cover) as a generic description.  I don't think the term has been trademarked, but if it has, then perhaps we can insert the term "Stretchy" in place of Elastic and "Cord" in place of Banded and "Paper" in place of Notebook and "Vessel" in place of Cover......."Stretchy Cord Paper Vessel".....hmmm, I kind of like that name, LOL!  What unique names can you think of ?   One thing I know for sure - is that planners and journalers can be a silly, funny, and entertaining bunch of unique people and I am proud to be one of them!