Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Ball Canning Jars - DIY to Add a Compartment!

In the interest of expanding my blog a bit to incorporate my personal blog I am going to be slowing moving select blog articles from my old blog to this (my current) blog. I always intended my Sparkle Frogs blog to include lifestyle and craft type of posts, but just had not gotten around to them. The following was originally posted 8/1/2013.....

I saw an image the other day that was making the rounds of Facebook and it showcased a wide mouth canning jar with tortilla chips on the bottom and a small plastic cup inserted into the top to hold salsa, dip or something similar. The small plastic cup had a link so that you could purchase them. I saw the $11.00 sticker price - I am not sure how many you got for that price, but still, I was sure I could do better....

Now being the cheap thrifty person that I am I immediately thought to myself "It looks like a Dole Fruit Cup would fit right in there instead!" Since I am a Mom of a grade-schooler who takes a cold lunch to school everyday, we always have the fruit cups in the pantry, so I set to work testing my theory. I also want to add that based upon the comments on the original image another friend of mine (Judy) was thinking the same thing as me.

I set up my test kitchen and I am happy to report that the Dole fruit cups fit like they were made for the canning jars and no leaks either - I shook it, turned it upside down and even left it sitting on it's side for the whole day (yes I went to the day job and left it sitting on my counter by accident).

Note:  I used wide mouth canning jars!

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