Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My Fauxdori Inserts: Book of Lists

I have several inserts (books) within my fauxdori, which assist me with my planning.  One of my favorites is my "Book of Lists".  I know that the latest craze is the ListersGottaList Challenge and while I love watching the videos and seeing the instagram photos on this, my Book of Lists is geared towards planning and not journaling.

Let me explain what I mean - most of my lists in my "Book of Lists" are planning items that I need to do, need to buy, wishlists, projects, etc. versus the lists in the ListersGottaList are things like "Favorite Songs",  "Favorite Books", "Favorite Washi Tapes", etc.  I am sure that there are also some other lists, like places to visit, but from what I have seen most of the lists are reactive meaning that they are a result of something that has already happened and my Book of Lists are proactive meaning that they are written for something that needs to happen, i.e. planning.

I would love to do some of the ListersGottaLists challenges and when I do, those lists will go into my journaling/creative fauxdori, but for right now the only lists I have are found in my Book of Lists...

So let's dive into my "Lists".

The first half of my Book of Lists is just that - Lists, while the second half of my Book of Lists is resource information on my family members and my detailed meal planning.

Let's tackle the lists first...these are the lists that I have with a brief why or how I use the list.

  1. Favorite Authors:  I am an avid reader and I often cannot remember all of the authors/series that I like to read, so this list is helpful when I am at a bookstore and I want to check to see if any of my favorite authors have released any new books.
  2. Books to Read:  If I see a review on a book that I want to read and/or purchase I note the name of the book on this list, again refer back to list #1 - I am guilty of thinking I will remember something without writing it down, but when I try to remember I cannot, which is why I write everything down, including books to read.
  3. Websites to Check:  Same as books, I note any websites that I want to check out at sometime in the future.
  4. Movies to Watch:  I note the name of the movie and a very brief description of what it is about.
  5. Household Projects:  each room (area) of the home is listed and under each sub heading I list projects I want to do and/or items that I want to buy for that particular room/area.
  6. Tasks/Wishes (Family): task lists broken out by each family member, most items on the list are items that I need to do on behalf of a family member.  I also have a "family" section which includes tasks/wishlists that would benefit the family as a whole or are items that need to be completed as a family.
  7. Wishlists:  Broken out by individual family member, including a wish list for myself.
  8. Tasks (Personal):  tasks/projects that I personally want to or need to accomplish.
  9. Pages for Individual Family Members:  One page for each immediate family member as well as our dog.  Includes birthdays, cell phone numbers, medications, notes from the doctor, important school info, current sizes, etc. Extended family also has a section, extended family is my adult son and daughter in law, my Mom, my Dad, my Grandma, etc., sizes are listed here along with any other important info.
  10. Meal Planning:  Favorite meals by category, recipes, etc.  I will do a separate post about this as it is pretty detailed on how I manage our family dinners. 
That's it for my "Book of Lists", I will be doing future posts on each of the books in my fauxdori, so if this is something that you are interested in please be sure to follow my blog.  Thank you and please leave me a comment if you found this helpful, have a question or just want to say hi!

Take care,