Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tip: How to Clean and Condition Your Leather Binder...

I see this question asked over and over in the various Facebook Groups and Communities that I am a member of.....

Q - How do I properly take care of my leather binder?

A - I am not an expert at leather care so I always turn towards those who are; by searching the internet, asking leather care professionals and even cobblers (shoe repair shops).  I see  a lot of personal opinions, but I tend to take those for what they are - "just opinions" and you know what they say about opinions.....

If you are looking for answers on basic care, the Franklin Covey Blog has a good article on basic cleaning and conditioning.

However for anything "above and beyond" normal maintenance, I recommend consulting with an expert or you might end up with this:

I wish I could say that this was not my picture, but sadly it is....I used a product that was
not intended to be used on this type of leather and I (or should I say my binder) paid the price.
Lesson Learned.

Please don't make the same mistake I made - if you want to take care of your leather goods consult with an expert and do not rely on the opinions of amateurs!

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