Thursday, February 19, 2015

Movin' On Up - To Classic Size!

After much wiffle-waffling (I'm sure that's a word), I decided to make the switch into a Franklin Covey Classic Size at the beginning of February.  Although the planner is bigger and heavier than my Compact, carrying it with me everyday hasn't been a problem!

I am loving this size - the convenience of being able to just fold a full size piece of paper and adding it to one of the many pockets is fabulous! I was a Classic user for many years - it was only during 2014 that I made the switch into the FC Compact size (with a little bit of dabbling into Filofax Personal size along the way).

I have to say that I am very happy to be back to my "roots" and in my Classic size!  I manged to pick up one of the coveted (now retired) Boston-ish style binders in a leather metallic Bronze finish.  She just screamed out the need for a vintage French without further ado, here she is!
Front of Binder - this is a Full Grain Leather in a Metallic Bronze finish.  The buckle is for decoration -
the strap closure is magnetic and is elasticized at at the back to expand as needed.

The back features a full outside pocket - easily holds folded in half papers.  

Inside Left - full length vertical slip pocket, then full length vertical zip pocket, a secretarial pocket with seven credit
card pockets (bottom one has a clear window). Also one part leather and part elastic pen loop.
All decked out with a Vintage French Theme!

Back right, horizontal pocket, another horizontal pocket and two vertical card pockets, with part leather and part
elastic pen loop.  The "Black" is a Franklin Covey Page Lifter.  They are designed to be used at both the front and
the back of your planning pages, so that the pages do not curl around the rings.  The lifters are made of a hard plastic
and come in Black and if you are lucky you can find them in Frosted Clear.  

Inserts are Franklin Covey Classic Size Blooms Day on Two Pages.  They come with a Month on
Two Pages Also.  I have customized the inserts to suit my needs.

Franklin Covey Classic Specs:  Classic size is similar to the European A5 size, but the American size is 8.5" tall  x 5.5" wide, which is half of an American standard size paper, I believe it is slightly taller and a bit more narrow than the A5.  American Classic size binders have seven rings versus the 6 ring configuration that A5 binders normally have.  Most Franklin Covey binders have rings that are screwed into a base which allows for being able to easily change rings to a smaller or larger size.  You can also order ring replacements direct from Franklin Covey (U.S.) by calling their customer service number.  Classic ring sizes vary from .75" up to 2"(measuring the inside diameter).  The rings in my binder are currently 1.5" in diameter.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed a sneak peak into my planner!

Coming Up Next:  A look at my setup and how I plan!