Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Will Franklin Covey Compact Inserts Fit Into a Personal Sized Filofax Malden?

I see this question asked over and over again in the various Facebook Groups "Will Franklin Covey Compact sized inserts fit into a Filofax Personal Size?"

I cannot vouch for all Filofax Personal Sized Binders, but I can answer a resounding "YES" to the Filofax Personal Malden.  In fact I can put almost all of the same inserts that I have in my Franklin Covey Compact with 1.25" rings and move them straight over to my Filofax Personal Size Malden, which only has 23mm rings (slightly less than 1").

Here are some points to consider when doing this.  If you use the "standard Franklin Covey tabbed inserts, they will fit as the profile on the Franklin Covey tabs is really slim.  If you use custom inserts/dividers then you centermost tab will hit the strap.  I compensated for this by moving my re-positionable tabs so that there is no tab in the very center.  Turning pages is very difficult if you overstuff your Filofax Binder as shown in my pictures.

My Franklin Covey Compact Binder (vintage model) was able to accommodate 3 pens and 1.25" worth of inserts.  In fact I could even fit my Galaxy SII phone in it.  The Malden will hold almost everything that the Franklin Covey did, but I had to sacrifice two pens, the potential to hold my phone, the clear page lifter, a custom (over width) clear pocket I created and the small tablet that I had in the back of my planner.  Also I am not currently using either planner as a wallet which has allowed me to increase the number of inserts.  If you are o.k. with reducing the number of inserts then either binder will work as a wallet (I have used both as a wallet/planner) combo.

Franklin Covey Inserts in my Franklin Covey Compact Binder:

Same Franklin Covey Compact Inserts in my Filofax Personal Malden:

The inserts and pens got left behind (would not fit into the Malden):

So am I going to stay in the Filofax Personal Sized Malden?  NO, NO and NO!  The Franklin Covey only takes up slightly more room in my purse, but it allows me to use three pens, the pages turn easily, I can add in either my phone or my wallet if I just want to grab and go.

I am happy with my Franklin Covey and it is what I will be using for the rest of this year and beyond!