Thursday, December 4, 2014

Franklin Covey Compact Ava!

My newest planner aka in the Franklin Covey world as a "binder".  It's a Franklin Covey compact sized Ava in Plum.  She is a little stuffed right now as she comes standard with 1" rings, I will be up-sizing those to my preferred 1.25" rings as soon as I order some new ones from Franklin Covey.

For some reason Franklin Covey has their Compact size rings with two different screw placements.  Most of the placements are with the screws just inside the top and bottom rings, but they also have a few binders with the screws placed outside the top and bottom rings.  The Ava is one of the Compact binders with the latter type of screw configuration.  Of course the only replacement rings that I have are with the placement just inside the rings (which is the more common placement).

It is extremely difficult to get the color just right with this binder - I was able to capture it in one photo showing the true color, but since all electronic devices vary it still might not show up "true to color" in whatever device you are viewing this post in.  The color name for this binder is "Plum", it is similar to an "Eggplant" color, but the hue is not quite as deep as what you would think of for a traditional Eggplant.

Let me show her off a bit!
This is what I see when I open her up!  I love the saying that I first see:
"At Any Given Moment You Have The Power To Say This Is NOT How The Story Is Going To END."

Side Tabs: $ = Financial Tracking, KL = the "me" section, F = Family/Friends section,
P = Plans (calendar) section, Owl = Blogs and Social Media section, & = Everything Else (A-Z files).

View from the Top - Top Tabs are my Plans section and a Ribbon Paperclip to mark my current
Blog/Social Media endeavors.

All Closed Up - the planner only comes standard with one pen loop, but I found a way to keep three pens with no problems!

The "true color" is best shown in this picture!
Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my Franklin Covey Ava!  BTW, for those of you who have been pestering asking me to do another video - I will soon!  I am hoping to do at least a couple of them before Christmas!