Friday, November 21, 2014

Vintage Franklin Quest Two Tone Planner!

So I did it again - bought another binder from eBay!  No surprise there, right?  Actually I was a little surprised when I received it as I bought it primarily for the Gold 1.25" rings (removable) which I planned on using in my Franklin Covey Boston.  Imagine my surprise when I received this binder and fell in love with it.

It is a vintage Compact (same ring configuration as a Filofax Personal) sized binder with the Franklin Quest logo (Franklin Quest pre-dated the current Franklin Covey).  Franklin Quest binders are from the era of 1992-1997 - I really have no idea when this was manufactured, it did have some inserts dated 1993, but those could have easily been added by the previous owner.  You can read more about Franklin Covey's History by clicking here.  In any case it is at least 17 years old and possibly as old as 21-22 years old.  Oh and the best deal of all is that I got it for less than $14 US dollars and part of that price was shipping!

Here's a peek:
Front Cover.  I added the pencil so you could get a true idea of the color.  The photo shows pretty true to the actual
color which is Navy Blue with a Deep Tan trim.  The tan trim is almost the exact same color as a Filofax Ochre Malden.

Back Side - notice the exterior zip pocket - I use my planner as a wallet so this is a perfect place to keep my
Debit Card, which allows me to keep my binder closed for simple purchases.

The wristlet handle is completely removable - I just love the antique Gold hardware.
Inside Left:  plenty of room for cards with a zip pocket behind them and as a bonus there is a
gusseted pocket behind the zip pocket as shown in the next picture.  The first of two pen loops
is also on the left.  I have a Frixion Clicker pen in the loop, but it is large enough to accommodate
a larger pen if needed.

Generous sized gusseted pocket behind the zip pocket.

Back Side:  Features two slip pockets, the topmost one is tall enough to secure a note pad.  Notice the generous
sized pen loop which sports my four barrel Frixion Pen.

Leather Stamp:  it is really hard to photo this, but it says Verona Leather/Aniline Trim on the
first line and the second line has the product number followed by Made in USA.

Love, Love, Love this Gold hardware.  Shown here is the zipper pull with the Franklin Quest
logo, also note the hex head screw in the rings - this is what makes Franklin Quest/Covey
binders stand out from all the rest - 90% of their binders have rings that can be removed and
swapped out with smaller, larger or different rings.  Keep in mind that most of their economy
binders (365 Line) have riveted in screws which cannot be swapped out and some of their Luxury
Line binders also have riveted in rings, so if the ability to change rings is important always ask
for a close up picture of the rings before purchasing.
Thank you for visiting today and I hope you enjoyed looking at my newest beauty!  Check back soon as a have another semi-vintage Cream colored Franklin Covey binder en route to me now and I will be posting pics of it soon!