Monday, November 10, 2014

The Small Rings are Cramping My Style!

I think I can speak for quite a large majority when I say that the standard size rings that the Personal Size Filofax has are just too small!  However, I love the small footprint of the binders themselves, but not the small writing space.  What a quandary!

Once again I have moved into one of my Franklin Covey Compacts and I have a new Franklin Covey Compact Boston on it's way to me.  The rings on both the Boston and the one I moved into are just a tad over 1" (30mm).  I can fit just a few more pages in my Franklin Covey than what I could in my Filofax - plus the pages turn easily now.

Dilemma #1 resolved, now onto Dilemma #2....
Franklin Covey Compact pages have the same ring configuration as Personal size Filofax, but the Franklin Covey binders are designed to accommodate their inserts which are .50" (yep, a half of an inch) wider than than a "standard" size personal insert.  Well, waste not, want not - right?  So if I have the room I am going to use it!

As of this week I am trying a week on two pages to see if I can make it work for me (instead of the day on one page I was using).  First, I tried the standard horizontal seemed to be working fine, but then I had someone in one of my Facebook Groups ask about a vertical layout and I remembered doing one of those about a year ago for my A5 aka Franklin Covey Classic size planner.  With a just a little bit of manipulation I managed to down size the insert into a Franklin Covey Compact Size and I think I am going to like this....

As always I like to share what I have created (free for your personal use)!  These are designed to print on standard 8.5" x 11" paper in "portrait" mode.  No need to change anything on your printer - just make sure it is set to print actual size.  Depending on your printer you may need to set it to "fit your printer margins".  Once you have as many printed as you want, turn the pages over and feed back into your printer to print on the back side.  Once you are done printing then you can cut your paper and hole punch.  Here is the link to the FREE .pdf printable:

I would love to hear from you if you decide to use these!