Thursday, July 10, 2014

Eye Candy Teaser - Franklin Covey Chiaras!

Just thought I would share a little eye candy with you all.....I recently received these lovely (now retired) Franklin Covey Chiaras - one in Compact size and one in Classic size.

The Compact size (shown on the left) sports 1.5" rings and the Classic size (shown on the right) also sports 1.5" rings.
My custom made tabs/dividers: Tasks/Notes, Accounts, Calendar, Contacts, Family, Financial & Misc.
I tend to swap out binders almost as fast as I change purses and I have found that with only a little bit of trimming (removing a few things) I can successfully go down to a 1" ring size.  I never remove my monthly calendar pages - I always have a full year of a month on two pages, the current month of day on two pages, the following month of day on two pages and as much of the previous month's day on two pages that I can fit into my planner.  My ideal all time favorite ring size has to be 1.25".

My archived pages are kept in a Franklin Covey Storage Binder.   Compact/personal size is my planner of choice and it goes with me everywhere.  The classic size is more of an overflow (sections I would like to have in my compact if there was room, but they are not essential to have everyday).  I find that I tend to not use/access sections in my Classic as much as I want to - so I will be re-visiting my Classic to see how I need to modify it so that I will utilize it more often.

Watch for an upcoming blog post showing the interior layout of the Chiaras and a separate post showcasing my system.  Thank you for stopping by!