Sunday, February 16, 2014

Washi Tape Storage - The Progression...

Planner STATS: 

Current Planner Brand: Franklin Covey
Design Name: Marbella
Manufacturer Date (if known): around 2007
Size: Compact (same ring configuration as Filofax Personal)
Paper Size: 4.25" x 6.75" Ring Size: 1 37/64 " (40 mm)
Calendar/Planner Inserts: Month on 2 pages (Franklin Covey), Week on 2 pages (my DIY design) and Day on 2 pages (my DIY design)
Other Pages/Sections: Index (like A-Z files), Expenses (online purchases and auto payments), Blog(s) Management, Resources & Contacts.

I think I mentioned that I have been a paper planner sort of gal since I was young - but back in the early fall I was introduced into a whole new world of people who are also like me....this led to learning the fine art of balancing "decorating" my planner and using my planner as it is intended - for planning.

Washi tape and stickers - who knew that you could mix the art of decorating into your planning efforts?  A word of caution though - this can be addicting.  If you are not familiar with Washi tape - it is a paper type of tape that is fairly thin and allows you to re-position it on your paper as needed.  Wikipedia explains it the best here:

Washi or paper tape comes in multiple colors and patterns and can be quite expensive depending on your perspective.  I have found Washi type of tape at stores ranging from fabric stores to craft stores to office supply stores and even found some at major department stores like Kmart and Target.  The average price per roll in my area is usually between $1.99 to $2.99 (U.S. dollars).

So now that you have Washi tape, how are you going to store it?  Any crafter knows that if you are working on a craft project, then it is much more convenient to craft and design if you have all of your materials available where you can see them......

I started out trying my hand at a DIY project using an old aluminum foil box (that I recovered)....
What seemed like a good idea was in fact not very practical in practice.  So, from there I moved on to a little plastic, three drawer storage container that sat on my desk (of course my tape obsession continued to grow).
This worked out fine for a while, but found it to be a little impractical as I always had to make sure that the space in front of the drawers was left empty so that I could open and close the drawers, plus I could not readily see the patterns that I had.

A recent trip to Jo-Ann Fabric had me wandering down the storage aisle.  They had storage solutions ranging from plastic containers with lids, to wicker containers to plastic rolling drawers - all of which was not what I was looking for.  I wanted something that would be visible as well as be easy to remove that roll of tape that I wanted to work with.  Then I discovered the sewing notions storage aisle.  Now if you are a sewer you should be able to easily recognize what I's a thread spool storage display!  Just a simple wooden (unfinished) and inexpensive spool display.  These are designed to stand up right on a counter as I am using but you can also collapse the legs in the back and add a couple of hooks and hang it on the wall.  The model I purchased is one of their smaller ones - they also had ones that were three times the size of this one.  As you can see it is pretty full - but it does house my complete collection.

 I forgot to mention the best part - these are not as expensive as the plastic cases - the normal price on this was $9.95 which is not bad - but when you buy it on sale like I did it is even better!  All storage solutions where 50% off, so for $5.00 I think it was a "steal".

What I do with my "Washi" tapes....
Month on two pages in my FC Compact.

Valentine's Week in my FC Compact (week on two pages layout).
This picture was taken before actual planning happened.  I try to
keep the "planner part" of my planner free of decorating (unless it
is a special holiday).  

In the last couple of days I have switched to a week on one page layout on one page (left side) with Need to Do that week on the right hand page.  I have also decided to try out a daily layout with each day spanning two pages.  So far (I have been using this for about a week) the daily pages seem to be working out great - giving me the room I needed to be able to keep track of my schedule, my kid's schedules and the family schedule.  The hubby keeps his own schedule (or at least he is supposed to) since I got him a planner for his birthday.  I will do a future post on how I make my planner work for me with my monthly, weekly and daily pages.

Until then,
Take Care & Wishing You Much ♥LOVE♥ from The 3 Sparkle Frog Gals!