Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Meet Marbella - My Franklin Covey Compact!

Marbella by Franklin Covey
I would like to introduce you to my newest planner - a vintage (no longer produced) Franklin Covey compact size. She is a full grain leather unstructured planner. Marbella, as Franklin Covey called her came to me by way of EBay and was a store return, so I got her in near perfect condition!

I was searching for this model after having spotted her on a couple of YouTube videos and my diligence finally paid off after only about a month of searching!  Her rings are 1", which is slightly smaller than I am used to, but since she is "unstructured" I am able to stuff her quite full as you can see on these side views.  I am able to keep a whole year's worth of a month on two pages and a whole year's worth of a week on two pages in her at once!  I love, love, love this feature as I would be lost if I couldn't see my whole year.  Having a family with lots of birthdays, special days, my home business and the kid's school activities creates a pretty busy schedule and I love the fact that I can at least plan for the whole year!
I don't usually have any sort of charms as they tend to get
caught up as I am pulling my planner in and out of my purse,
but thought the clock was a cute reminder that the planner
is all about managing my time!

Did I mention that she has two pen loops?  The loops are
quite large and are a combo of leather and elastic and will
accommodate my Paper Mate four barrel Ink Joy pens.
 Also the older Franklin Covey planners have a feature that you only find nowadays in the higher end planners such as the exotic Filofax Planners and Gillio Planners - her rings are replaceable!

The left front flap features a large pocket, a zipper pocket and three card holder slots, the right side is the same with the exception of not having a zipper pocket.  I don't use my planner as a wallet, so the card slots are just for my business cards and an emergency card and the zipper pocket holds a few paper clips and a couple of magnetic book marks.

That's it for now - just wanted to do a little "Meet -n- Greet".  My next post will feature my DIY Year at a Glance, Week at a Glance and Day at a Glance and how I have my planner set up so that I can see all three at once!

Take Care & Wishing You Much ♥LOVE♥ from The 3 Sparkle Frog Gals!


  1. OOH I like it! Not seen one of these before and I can immediately understand the appeal. Looking forward to seeing more of her/it in use :)

    1. I am definitely loving it - besides the fact that it is a beautiful planner I have made all of my DIY inserts at 4.25" x 6.75" (same size as FC's compact) so I get a 1/2 of an inch more of writing space than if I had went with Filo or another brand of personal size inserts. My planner is a hodgepodge of my DIY inserts and FC's inserts, but it works for my life!

  2. The pen loops are my favorite thing about my Boston! Where did you get the charm?

    1. The "charm" is from a package of scrap-book embellishments and it came with a sticky back that I removed so I could use it a a charm!

  3. Great colour and I love the strap on it! It does look like it can hold loads of stuff.

  4. Very nice! Never knew any of the F. C.'s had replaceable rings!

  5. I want this planner so bad it isn't funny. I've been looking for a nice, compact (or personal) pale yellow one (am still holding out hope that Filofax will make a patent domino in a luscious shade of yellow!) I really love the grained look of the leather as well as the buckle giving it a nice touch. Must go and stalk your Youtube videos now!


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