Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Meet Marbella - My Franklin Covey Compact!

Marbella by Franklin Covey
I would like to introduce you to my newest planner - a vintage (no longer produced) Franklin Covey compact size. She is a full grain leather unstructured planner. Marbella, as Franklin Covey called her came to me by way of EBay and was a store return, so I got her in near perfect condition!

I was searching for this model after having spotted her on a couple of YouTube videos and my diligence finally paid off after only about a month of searching!  Her rings are 1", which is slightly smaller than I am used to, but since she is "unstructured" I am able to stuff her quite full as you can see on these side views.  I am able to keep a whole year's worth of a month on two pages and a whole year's worth of a week on two pages in her at once!  I love, love, love this feature as I would be lost if I couldn't see my whole year.  Having a family with lots of birthdays, special days, my home business and the kid's school activities creates a pretty busy schedule and I love the fact that I can at least plan for the whole year!
I don't usually have any sort of charms as they tend to get
caught up as I am pulling my planner in and out of my purse,
but thought the clock was a cute reminder that the planner
is all about managing my time!

Did I mention that she has two pen loops?  The loops are
quite large and are a combo of leather and elastic and will
accommodate my Paper Mate four barrel Ink Joy pens.
 Also the older Franklin Covey planners have a feature that you only find nowadays in the higher end planners such as the exotic Filofax Planners and Gillio Planners - her rings are replaceable!

The left front flap features a large pocket, a zipper pocket and three card holder slots, the right side is the same with the exception of not having a zipper pocket.  I don't use my planner as a wallet, so the card slots are just for my business cards and an emergency card and the zipper pocket holds a few paper clips and a couple of magnetic book marks.

That's it for now - just wanted to do a little "Meet -n- Greet".  My next post will feature my DIY Year at a Glance, Week at a Glance and Day at a Glance and how I have my planner set up so that I can see all three at once!

Take Care & Wishing You Much ♥LOVE♥ from The 3 Sparkle Frog Gals!