Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Reflections and Our Way of Glamping...

I am having so much fun creating our new Sparkle Frogs endeavor and all of our social media sites (see us on Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter), so much so that the creative side of actually finding the time to make any projects has fallen short, but I have decided not to stress about that.  I am pretty proud of how the blog has turned out.  I took the Simple Template and made so many modifications that I can't even tell you how I did them all - I just know that I spent hours as I am too cheap frugal to have someone else do it.  Not to mention that I have a bit of a "control" problem, LOL!
This image has nothing to do with today's topic - it just makes me smile and gives me inspiration for my own garden!

So far I have gotten some positive feedback on our Facebook Page, but would love to hear your thoughts on the blog design.....when I am creating a new blog I always try to put myself in my reader's shoes and create a blog that I would like to read. I believe that it is important for blogs to always have the following features:

  1. Pleasing, easy to follow layout with great colors and graphics.
  2. Easy to find page links with a minimum of at least a Home Page and an About Page.
  3. Easy to find Categories.
  4. Easy to find Social Media buttons.
  5. List of Favorite Blogs (it helps the readers find similar blogs).
  6. New posts at least once a week (I still struggle with this one).
I have mixed feelings about the blogs where the Home Page has all of the it's blog posts shortened with a "continue reading" link.  I don't mind the home page having this, but it drives me nuts when all of the category posts/pages are the same with the read more type of links.   I like to read the blog posts and not have to continuously click the "Read More" links.  What is important to you when reading a blog, what do you like and/or dislike?

I am spending my Sunday morning enjoying my coffee and playing around on the computer while I wait for the rest of the house to wake up.  This afternoon is going to be spent getting ready for our week long camping trip.  When we go camping, we do a cross between Glamping and Camping, something I like to call "Redneck Glamping".  

We do our camping in a 10' x 16' foot tent and while it is not "glamorous" per say, it is a little over the top in a Redneck sort of sure to check back, as I will be taking lots of photos while on this trip.  I think I am bringing a little bit of everything, except maybe the kitchen sink (unfortunately it is not portable, I have tried).

Do you camp?  What is your favorite way to go?  Glamping, tenting, RV or Holiday Inn - inquiring minds want to know....

Until next time!

Take Care & Wishing You Much ♥LOVE♥ from The 3 Sparkle Frog Gals!