Saturday, May 14, 2016

Organize Your Home - Free Weekly Schedule

You would think at my age (no, I'm not telling) that I would have a system in place for keeping my home organized & clean, but the opposite is true.  I have always just cleaned as I see a mess or I think it needs cleaning, which often results in "How did this house get to be such a mess" scenario.  

I have tried several programs, but most of what I found online seems to be geared towards stay at home Moms and the program is either too detailed or not detailed enough.  In an effort to try to organize my home along with my days, I resorted to creating my own weekly schedule.  

I designed this to print onto standard US full size paper (8.5" x 11") in landscape mode.  You can either print on one side and fold the paper in half and hole punch or print on both sides and cut in the middle, then hole punch for your planner.  If you are feeling really adventurous you can print several pages on both sides, staple or bind the middle and you have your own traveler's notebook style insert.  I plan on doing the later and tipping it into my Hobonich Cousin.  Everyone's printer settings are different so I can't direct you on what will work best for yours, but my printer seems to have the best results when I do the settings to print on standard size paper in landscape mode.

Here is the link to the free .pdf file: 
The image below shows what the printed result should look like when it is done.

This is free for personal use only, if you would like any modifications made (to the text only) send me an email and for a small charge I can probably help you out.  Send email inquiries to itsklslife{at}

Thank you and hope you enjoy!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Life is Busy....

In my last post (as with almost all of my posts) I always have good intentions of posting on a regular basis, but life has a way of getting in my way.  So I'll just post when I can and call it good.  

I am still using a Classic Size Planner - the beginning of the year had me flip flopping where I tried a smaller size for about the millionth time.  Small = convenience, but not practical for a Mom of school schedules and keeper of our church calendars, etc. so back to Classic size I went.  I still like to binder hop, but the planner guts remain the same.  My system is not broken, I just get bored with the external cover.

Here is the link to the .pdf version:
One of these days I will do an updated video, but today is not the day, so for now you will have to make do with another free printable - this one for tracking eating and exercising habits - yep, the scale is climbing so I needed a way to track and rein in my eating habits. 

This one is designed for a classic size printer and it's free for personal use.  Just print single or double sided onto standard US size paper, cut in half and hole punch.  

Enjoy and I'll blog at you soon (said with the best intentions possible).  


Monday, November 23, 2015

I Only Need 3 Things to Plan My Day.....

As the topic says, I only need three things to plan my day - a monthly calendar, a writing instrument and a piece of paper.  However, I want to do more than just "plan my day", I want to plan "My Life".  So maybe you are asking "What's the difference?".

Planning a day is easy - anyone can do it.  You are merely reacting to a given set of circumstances...for example if you are sleeping you need to wake up, if you have an appointment you need to go to it, if the house is dirty you need to clean it (or not, depending on your cleanliness standards), if you need groceries you need to go to the store.  See - it is reactionary - you are reacting to circumstances around you.

But what if you want to plan your life - moving forward with your goals, dreams, projects all the while continuing to react to the situations around you?  If you want to do more than just "plan your day" you need a system.  A system to record your goals, dreams and projects where you make an action plan and execute those plans.

Enter my planning system - while it works for me, it may not be the best fit for your life.  I follow (with a few deviations) the Franklin Covey Planning System.  The first thing that I had to do was create a Mission Statement - a mission statement is a summation of who I am as a person, where I want to be and where I want to go and what I want to accomplish (literally and figuratively).  Once I determined this, the rest of my "system" was dictated by my Mission Statement.  

For example one of the parts of my Mission Statement is to act in a manner that brings out the best in me.  So I had to determine what brings out the best in me and one of those things is being creative, whether it is with my business, reading a good book or actually creating a craft. So I have sections in my planner that are geared toward reading, crafting and business (to name a few) and within each of those sections I have goals and projects.  The goals and projects are further broken out by action steps or a plan of action and those action steps are integrated into my daily plan.  So my daily plan now consists of more than just reacting to my surroundings (cleaning house for example) it also includes individual steps that I am taking each day to make me a better person and work towards specific goals that I have created that support my Mission Statement.

If any of this interests you or if you are ready to do more than just react to your day, I encourage you to join my Franklin Covey Addicts Facebook Group, look up Stephen R. Covey and his books - a great starting point might be First Things First or 7 Habits of Highly Successful People or get your hands on a Franklin Covey Starter Pack (less than $10 on the website.  

Disclaimer: these opinions are my own and I am not an affiliate of, nor anyway compensated by Franklin Covey/Planner.

Thank you and check back soon for a more detailed look at my planner and it's contents.

Take care,